One of the biggest effects of climate change, is the rising of the sea levels. Even a one foot rise can have a devastating effect to coastal cities and their surroundings. This will not only affect infrastructures, but also toxic materials that can contaminate the incoming water and subsequently human health. This application will assist local government, for-profit, and non-profit organizations, in understanding and planning for rising sea-levels.

In this application you will be able to add a feature service, via drag and drop, and then analize it, to see how many features fall within the chosen sea level rise scenario.

To find out more about this map please follow this link.

Special thanks to ESRI and NOAA for making this data available.

Sea-Level Rise and its Impact in Hillsborough County, Florida

Drag and Drop Service

Drag and drop a map services url to the map. You can drag and drop the following link to test this.

Test Service URL

Once a service (needs to be a feature layer) has been added, you are able to analize it.