While riding in my car through my community, I often turn to my wife and say "They should really add a stop sign here." or "I wish there was a traffic light here, it takes forever to enter this road.". This gave me the idea to create this app, which enables citizens to request things, like traffic lights or stop signs, to make their community safer. The citizens can be of great help to their local government, since they are the once who use these streets the most.

In this application citizens will be able to add the following:

  • Add a stop sign
  • Add a traffic light
  • Add speed bumps
  • Add a different speed limit
  • Add a crosswalk

Citizens are also able to see already existing submission. If they agree with the submission, they can click a like button and give their support.

To find out more about this application please follow this link.

Special thanks to ESRI for making this data and software available.

Click on any of the symbols below, to add a request to the map.
Click on a Feature in the map to see its details.